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Valentine’s Day Gifts and Activities for Kids

Here are a few fun and cheap Valentine’s Day ideas and activities for kids. 

1. Homemade Treats

Get your little ones involved this Valentine's Day and bake some delicious Valentine's inspired treats! 

Our 'Top 3 Valentine's Baking Ideas For All The Family' blog has some fantastic baking ideas to get all the family involved. 

Why not treat your little one to a personalised apron from our wide range this Valentine's Day! We also have some adorable apron sets for mum / dad / grandma etc. and your mini baker! 

2. Valentine’s Day Games

Create a long-lasting Valentine's memory by playing some cute love-themed games with your little ones.

Some games your children will love include:

Pin the arrow on the heart (super easy to DIY)

Hide a heart around the house and play hot or cold

Scavenger hunt

3. Valentine's Day Handprint Card

While we can't see each other this Valentine's, why not send your loved ones a homemade card! 

Such a sweet idea to send the family a card with your little ones handprint and a lovely message inside. Guaranteed to make everyone smile. 

4. Valentine's treats for your little one



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