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New Year's Resolution Ideas That Are Totally Doable

Good Morning,

I want to start of by saying Happy New Year to all of you, I hope you had an amazing Christmas with your loved ones. 

Have any of you made any New Years Resolutions? 

The start of a New Year is the perfect time to evaluate your life and set goals for yourself. Resolutions can help you make small changes to you and your family's life. However, despite New Years Resolutions being a huge part of our culture we're notoriously bad at sticking to them. According to recent research 23 million brits made New Years Resolutions last year, but only 24% stuck to their promises and only 8% achieved their goals. 

Not sure what you want your Resolutions to be or worried about not sticking to them? Below we have listed some manageable Resolutions that are easy to stick by. 

1. Spend more time with the family cooking 

Preparing and eating food with the whole family creates a unique special bond like no other. The laughter, the jokes and the mistakes whilst cooking together make it so precious. Why not save your family favourite recipes and take some time to get the family together to cook up a storm with our personalised recipe scrapbook. You can cherish the special memories made and save the delicious recipes forever. 

Aprons cooking book

You can find our recipe scrapbooks here 

 2. Set an Achievable Fitness Goal 

There is no better investment than investing in your health and setting goals that improve your mind and well-being. 

Your fitness goals should be unique to you, whether it is eating more vegetables, loosing weight, going on a daily walk, hitting the gym, drinking more water or planning to run a marathon. 

To help you stay on track of your fitness journey our 'Money Boxes' are a fun yet beautiful way to save and keep track of you weight loss and once you have reached your target you can treat yourself to something extra special.

If you would like a new design relating to your fitness please send us a message!! 

Weight Loss FundWeight Loss Fund

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 3. Plan A Trip 

Travel is known to positively affect mental well-being. Sit down, get a pen and notebook (with a nice cup of tea) and ask yourself 'What are the places on this earth you would like to see?'. You will probably end up with a dozen destinations, then ask yourself this: 'Where have you always dreamed and wished about visiting?'. Has that helped narrow down the list? Now finally, ask yourself: 'Where do you want to go this year?' Congratulations you now have a bucket list of destinations. 

Our personalised 'Adventure Money Fund' can help you save for that once-in-a-life-time dream trip away. 

Aventure Fund Travel Fund

 You can find our travel funds here 

 4. Take A Picture A Day 

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Take a picture each day, and save the photos to preserve a year in your life. Look back in years to come at all the wonderful memories you made. 

Keep your photos safe with our gorgeous personalised scrapbook. You can fill each page with precious memories made and look back at them for years to come. 


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5. Save For Your Dream Home 

When it comes to New Year's Resolutions, moving house or saving for your first home is one of the most popular choices. 

Our personalised 'New House' Money Boxes is the perfect investment/gift to help you/somebody save for your/their dream home. 

 NEW HOMEnew home money box

6 Plan Date Nights 

Have you spent more time worrying about work commitments and other adult responsibilities and not really focused your time and energy into your partner? A perfect resolution could be to plan more date nights with your loved one. Creating precious memories with a loved one is priceless. Why not save with our personalised 'Date Night Fund' and plan some exciting, romantic and spontaneous nights with your loved one. 

Date Night FundDate Night

You can find our Date Night Money Fund here 

I hope we have given you some New Years Resolution inspiration 

I hope you all have a great week 

Lots of Love 

Little Secrets Clothing


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