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Things to do with the kids indoors this bank holiday weekend

Hi guys, 

Its bank holiday weekend and with no surprise the weather forecast predicts rain, rain and even more rain. It is not all doom and gloom as we have the perfect indoor activity ideas for you and your little ones. 

The weather might be dull, but these activities certainly aren't. We don't know about you but we constantly hear "mum I am bored" several times a day and especially on rainy days. Therefore, we've put together the perfect indoor activity ideas that works a treat with our children.

Why not create a 'boredom jar' with the children? No more "mum I am bored", or "what can we do now", these activity jars are packed full of simple, easy to prepare ideas to help kids make their own choices, direct their own play and keep busy during this bank holiday weekend. There is nothing more magical than sitting down with the children, allowing their creative imagination to run wild thinking of fun activities, enjoying precious bonding time together and having a real good time at very little cost.

All you will need is:

  • Lolly sticks or some coloured paper
  • A couple of jam jars
  • Sharpie marker

Some ideas

  • Make crumpet pizzas
  • Bake cupcakes
  • Make fruit kebabs
  • Help prepare dinner
  • Set up a supermarket
  • Acts of Kindness
  • Do a science experiment
  • Build with Lego
  • Junk Muddling

activity jar bored jar

One of our favourite activities is making crumpet pizzas

One of our favourite activities is making crumpet pizzas. Your child can learn to cook, whilst experimenting with different flavours and toppings and they are extremely scrumptious. To be fair what is not like about crumpet pizzas? Crumpets are delicious and pizza is always a favourite therefore, a crumpet pizza is a winner. These crumpet pizzas are a naughty, fun, easy and quick fix for a tasty lunch. See recipe here:

Image of Crumpet Pizzaimage of crumpet pizza






Another activity what we love to do is make butterfly cakes

Butterfly cupcakes bring back so many happy memories for us, baking with our parents and grandparents was a highlight of our childhood. It does get messy, but there are lots of laughs. We enjoy licking the bowl afterwards. (its our little secret). Nothing compares to making precious happy memories with your children. 

See recipe here:

Image of butterfly cupcakes image of butterfly cupcakes

Another brilliant activity we love to do is Junk Muddling

We gather so much cardboard at the end of the week it is unreal. Before we recycle it, we go through it and let the kids be creative. There is no need to go out and buy lots of expensive art equipment for your activity day when you have got recycling bins full of goodies. Using junk modelling and crafts isn’t just saving the planet but also your wallet and your time. All you need is a little bit of paint and glue and you are all set to help your child create some interesting models.

Our family made a castle out of cardboard with windows and doors and the kids played with it for hours with his toys. Another fun we thing we have both created with cardboard is our very own supermarket (all you need is some scissors, sharpies, paint and glue). We made our very own bank card, money and till. We added a few tins, fruit and snacks from out of the cupboard and had the most fun.

image of supermarket cardboard cut out


Benefits of activity play:

Activity days help children develop all kinds of skills.  Playing with your child is one way to help him or her develop their social skills and self control. Children’s minds are like little sponges they soak up everything around them. As they interact and play with people around them, they learn how to behave in a social setting. They also learn what is acceptable by taking cues from you. Research has shown that parent-child play is linked to the development of key skills crucial in later life such as: creativity, patience, leadership, open communication and problem solving. These qualities and skills pay off by increasing self-esteem, social skills and a sense of connectedness that helps kids in later life use good judgment when confronted with difficult situations.

Playing with your children builds a bond that lasts a lifetime. It opens a the door for sharing problems and concerns when the need arises. It helps the parent get to know and understand the uniqueness of each child.

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I hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend,

Stay safe,

Little Secrets Clothing x


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