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The season of Newborn babies

Well its the season of babies! And were so excited about all the newborns that will be entering into the world.

Here at Little Secrets Clothing we have the perfect, affordable and highest quality clothing for your newborn aswell as older aged clothing for the years or growing into children. Take a look at our newborn section here.

It always felt like the end of summer and the first half of school were filled with birthday celebrations. From July through October, every weekend there would be a birthday party to attend, and during school, at least once or twice a week we’d be eating cupcakes and singing the "Happy Birthday" song. We know how difficult handling a newborn can be, but by putting them in one of our outfits it makes it a bit more bearable when they look even cuter than usual.

Do you ever feel there's things you need to know as a mum? Take a look at this blog here: What I wish I'd known as a newborn mum or if you want to know what to expect as a newborn mum then read this blog.We also have some tips on keeping your baby safe from this blog, take a look at this blog here for some added info.Do monitor baby’s breathing at all times. Make sure a young infant’s chin is off of his or her chest and the back is supported.
Do return baby to an upright position after breastfeeding.
Do watch your step, as your balance can be affected while wearing.
Do be aware of your surroundings, as the two of you take up more space than you do alone. Be particularly mindful of doorways, furniture corners, or car doors.
Do pay attention to what baby can reach from his or her new vantage point!
Do make sure that baby’s face is visible at all times and that it does not become covered by the fabric of the carrier.
Do keep baby “close enough to kiss.”
Do include baby in day to day activities such as cleaning, laundry and prep kitchen & cooking work, however not around heat such as cooking on the stove.
Don’t perform any activity that requires the use of safety equipment. Some examples might include bike riding, boating, or downhill skiing.
Don’t bend over at the waist when baby is in the baby carrier. The baby carrier is great for performing tasks such as cleaning and laundry, but move safely. Squat down instead, bending your knees. (It’s better for your back, too!)
Don’t use a carrier in a car. A carrier does not take the place of proper carseat usage!
Don’t participate in physical exercise that involves excessive jumping or shaking. A walk or hike is a great babywearing exercise; however, jogging or trampoline need to wait.


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All outfits in the images above can be found at Little Secrets Clothing.

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