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Starting Up My Business Is Scary Stuff

Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know” this is me all over, I’m throwing myself in the deep end here and hoping I’ll survive. Starting up my own business is scary stuff!

Follow me as I venture into the world of online retail with Little Secrets a online shop that sells the most amazingly gorgeous cute dresses and baby wear, that I absolutely LOVE and hope you do too!  A company that I started to fit round my two little girls and a company I started to raise some money to help Cancer Research. The money that helped me set up this business was from my mum and dad, they both died last year in their 50’s to cancer, so not only has seeing two people I care about die made me stronger and realise that I need to be grateful of everyday, it has made me want to help Cancer Research find a cure. It may seem a little far fetched but hey every little counts! My aim for this company? To support my family and support Cancer Research. Plus I think my mum and dad would be proud too 🙂 xx

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