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Start the New year with a bit of self love.

What are your New Years resolutions?

Here at Little Secrets we want to make sure we are giving ourselves a bit more self love in 2020. We have given ourselves a set of instructions that we are striving towards to achieve each day in the New Year, so we thought we would share these ideas with you.

To get up earlier in the morning and go to the gym, which would help make sure we have a productive day. We want to be healthy and fit this year so we are making sure we make no excuses to go to our Personal trainer in the mornings, they do say exercise is the best way to get yourself ready for the day and keeps you productive in the day due to the endorphins that are released when exercising. So we are going to try and stick to working out in the mornings. Making sure we get to bed at a reasonable time is also important, because if we go to bed after midnight then its as though the next day is pointless as we know nothing is going to get done. So early nights with no phones are a must because messing on your phone before bedtime is meant to effect the sleep you have, therefore we are keeping off our phones for an hour before bedtime.

Be productive everyday. In the morning we are going to be writing lists of what we want to achieve throughout the day, whether it be what work we are going to accomplish, meal planning, shopping we want to buy or the cleaning that needs doing at home. We are hoping if we start writing these things down then there is more chance of these things being done.

Listen to motivational podcasts in our spare time, Lydia Millen has a few great positive podcasts to listen to before bed, whilst working out, or just walking about, any free time is great to listen to a podcast.

Buy the things we want. If we can't stop thinking about that handbag and purse or that piece of furniture then we buy it, life is too short to regret not buying those things we love. We have fallen in love with so much this year  Yves Saint Laurent handbags and purses, Valentino shoes and bags, Burberry, Dior handbags, Zimmerman, Self-portrait dresses, Jimmy Choo heels and handbags to so much furniture from our favourite brand My furniture, and our perspective is, what are you gaining by not buying something you love?

Social media limits- to make sure we aren't over using the social media app and focusing on things that are actually important in life instead of scrolling through other peoples lives.

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