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Our simple self care tips for Mums

Here at Little Secrets clothing we know how straining and tiring it is to be a mum, it is rewarding and the best thing in the world, but it doesn't stop me getting dark circles under my eyes. ( trust me). So we thought we would share our little self care tips that we do in our free time, usually at night when the kids have gone to bed, or on a Sunday evening when we have a little more time over the weekend. Our tips are taken from Kourtney Kardashians Poosh website. Because we need a little Poosh in our lives. 

  • Take an epsom salt bath, Kourtney says to add a bit of lavender oil to help with the relaxation.
  • Cook yourself a breakfast that you want to get you prepared for the day.
  • Say no to things you don't want to do.
  • Do something for somebody you love to make sure they are ok.
  • Read a book. Trust us its better than scrolling through your phone looking at other peoples lives. The only life should matter is yours and your loved ones.
  • Give longer hugs. It shows love.
  • Book a gym class. The gym is known to be better for your mental health. It is a fact and it isn't a lie.
  • Go get a manicure, pedicure, facial, get your hair done, book a spray tan. Book anything that will make you feel better about yourself.
  • Say NO to the things you genuinely don't want to do. There is no point wasting your time doing things that won't make you happy.
  • Do a face mask.
  • Buy what you want, whether it be Jewellery, Handbags, purses or shoes. Just do it.
  • Decorate your home if you want. It is your sanctuary and should be exactly how you want it.
  • Cook yourself your favourite meal
  • Take a bath- it helps you sleep better, it is detoxifying & it is anti- inflammatory and immune boosting.

We hope you can take a bit of self- care inspiration out of our blog.

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Little Secrets xx

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