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Nursery Furniture Ideas 2021

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Being a new mum can be so exhilarating. Decorating and coming up with design ideas for the nursery is one of the most exciting stages of pregnancy and at the same time can be very overwhelming. After all, it is a mother’s natural instinct to nest and create a safe space for your baby.

As you put your ideas together you Imagine that beautiful moment of peace and tranquillity as your rock your baby to sleep after their night feed. The precious time alone in the silence of the night is one of the best bonding times you’ll have with your baby. Therefore, when it comes to designing your nursery it’s a good idea to think, plan and perhaps even create a vision board to give you an idea of what it may look like. Although How it’ll look shouldn’t take priority, it’s important to be practical and make it a safe place where both you and baby are comfortable and relaxed. That precious bonding time rocking your baby after the night feed means you’ll need to acquire a comfortable nursery chair to sit on! We recommend a cosy arm chair or rocking chair.

Here at Little Secret’s we have the most beautifully designed chairs which you can personalise however you like! The perfect centre piece for your baby’s nursery and it’ll keep for when they are old enough to sit on and enjoy their little chair. Why not add a special gift to the chair? We have our very own personalised teddy bears which include date of birth, time of birth, weight of baby and name ready for snuggles from your little one. It is the perfect keepsake gift for your little bundle of joy.

Teddy Bear chair with a teddy on

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When you are designing your dream nursery it is also important to include lots of storage space in your ideas as nowadays we accumulate so much stuff especially when becoming a new mum. This will help you manage the day-to-day and month-to-month challenges that come with a new and ever growing baby. From nappies, wipes, toys, creams, clothing and plenty more items ultimately you want the nursery a safe zone, and it cannot be without organisation. To create more storage space you can use fabric boxes, toy boxes, storage boxes and crib storage.

Here at Little Secret’s Clothing we have the most beautifully designed storage boxes. Designed to pass the test of time and finished with your personal inscriptions, these are stunning storage boxes that are deep and wide enough to hideaway your little one’s treasures. Our personalised toy boxes are a great addition to any little boys or girl’s nursery.

Storage Toybox

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We hope we have given you some nursery inspiration to create a safe and adorable space for the arrival of your bundle of joy. We want to wish you the best of luck as you continue your pregnancy journey. 

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