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How to save money during lockdown

We understand that times are tight during this coronavirus pandemic. Here at Little Secrets we are lucky enough to be able to be working and keeping busy, but for many this isn't the case. So this is why we have come up with some ways in which you can save money on standard items that are necessary to you.

Here at Little secrets we thought we would help motivate your money saving and are selling unique, handmade, custom- made money saving fund boxes that can be personalised to meet your wishes. All of our money saving fund boxes come in different colours and prints. Check out a few of them below;


First and foremost; food. We know the weekly food shop is expensive and also know the feeling of not wanting to waste food but overbuying and not knowing what you want to eat during the week, which can be hard because then you have to go back to the shop and spend more money. This is why we think homemade meal packages are a good idea. Brands such as Hello Fresh do the most amazing ranges of healthy and balanced meal with an amazing price tag, which means your weekly dinners are sorted. What more could you want? The exact amount of food and delicious recipes, meaning no waste and no time spent wondering what to make whilst stood in a supermarket! I am not lying when I say it saves a serious amount of money per week.

 Another way of saving money is by using various websites, easily found via a search engine, that track and compare prices at thousands of shops, as well as displaying reviews. For you, that can mean finding the cheapest price in a couple of clicks. For example when you are looking for cheaper car insurance you use go compare, well there are sites to compare prices on things from trainers to televisions. 

Many people have been given payment breaks for rent, mortgages, or other debts - but they will come to an end fairly soon.
If you are struggling, talk to a debt adviser, but good budgeting will help millions of people to cope. A good approach is a money detox to reduce spending and simplify your finances - including tracking down unwanted direct debits, cutting utility bills and building a small emergency fund. If your main aim is to clear a credit card or catalogue debt but you can't afford large payments, my tip is to set up a standing order for the current minimum payment (or round it up). This clears the card many years sooner and saves a lot of interest.

Another little idea is to set up depop account and sell your unwanted clothes and other items, it may not be much but any money helps at this uncertain time.

We hope our advice can help you save money everyday.

Little Secrets xx

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