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Hanukkah Gift Guide 2021

Good Morning guys 

I hope you all have had a lovely weekend with your little ones 

This week our Jewish friends celebrate Hanukkah for eight days! This year families can actually get together and celebrate the week with loved ones. It is going to be such a lovely time for everybody. 

We have put together the ultimate Hanukkah gift guide in hopes that it will inspire your thoughts when choosing that memorable keepsake gift for your little one and loved ones. 

Why is Hanukkah celebrated?

The word Hanukkah means dedication in Hebrew. Marking the celebration of religious freedom of the Jewish Community, is the holiday known as Hanukkah. The Jewish community comes together for eight days to celebrate the religious holiday called Hanukkah. 

At one time, the Jewish community was banned from practising Judaism. Their temple was destroyed and they fought for years for liberation. Finally, after years of constant battles to protect their religious beliefs and what was left of the temple. They regain the right to practise their religion again. 

In order to produce light within the damaged temple, oil was required to light the candelabrum with seven branches (also know as Menorah). At the time of restructuring the temple, oil was highly sought after and in very low supply. With only enough oil to have light for one day, the Jewish community were shocked and amazed to find that the oil continued to burn for eight days in total. This really was a miracle. 

The Jewish people managed to rededicate their temple, and each Hanukkah, the lighting of the Menorah symbolises the gift of god's miracle of light as well as the spiritual light that is in within each and every one of us. 

How is Hanukkah celebrated? 

 Hanukkah is celebrated in many different ways. In addition to lighting each day on the Menorah, religious rituals are also conducted which includes; daily reading of scripture, recitation of some of the psalms and singing of a special hymn. Your Hanukkah celebration can be on whatever scale you wish to choose and are comfortable with. Many people celebrate with a full-on dinner party for eight days in a row with a large pile of gifts each night for eight nights. Many people also celebrate at there Synagogue and have an intimate gathering with family and friends. 

The biggest takeaway from from Hanukkah is that all things serve as a reminder of something miraculous taking place many centuries ago. Here are a couple of traditions that are standard for celebrating Hanukkah: 

Traditional Food

  • Fried Doughnuts filled with Jelly called (Sufganiyot) are enjoyed during Hanukkah
  • Kugel is a casserole that can be made with either potatoes or noodles and can be eaten either savoury or sweet 
  • Fried thin pancakes typically filled with sweet cheese 
  • Using onions and potatoes, pancakes are formed and fried in hot oil. These fried cakes can be enjoy as a savoury treat or a sweet treat usually combined with apple sauce. 

Hanukkah is Celebrated for Eight Nights 

Although many people do not feel that need to celebrate hard for all eight days. Blessings and candles are lit every night for eight nights are part of the tradition for Hanukkah. 

Lighting of the Menorah 

Every family that is celebrating Hanukkah has there very own Menorah, which is a candle that features eight branches. In the centre of each Menorah, there is a place for a ninth candle. This is called a Shamash, where the centre of the candle is lit and utilised each night to light one candle until all of the candles are light by night eight. 

Hebrew blessings are either spoken or sung when lighting the Menorah. Normally you would sing three blessings on day one and then two blessing on each of the other days. 

Dreidel Game 

A dreidel is a spinning top with four sides. A letter in Hebrew is featured on each side. Together the wording means "a great miracle happened there".  In this game, the winner usually wins chocolate coins, nuts or fruit. 

Thoughtful Hanukkah Gifts 

For Hanukkah, more thoughtful gifts are appreciated. Ones that celebrate the cultural traditions and deep heritage of the Jewish people. Need help picking out the perfect Hanukkah gifts for your loved ones? Here at Little Secrets we have a range of beautiful keepsake outfits and gifts that symbolise the true meaning of Hanukkah. Our Hanukkah gifts truly represent the meaning of Hanukkah (togetherness). Here are a list of our favourite gifts: 

  1. Personalised Hanukkah Gift Sacks 

Wanting to make Hanukkah extra special this year? Our new personalised Happy Hanukkah sacks are perfect for filling with presents and gifts for your little one/loved ones. 

Hanukkah sacksHanukkah sacks

 You can find our personalised Hanukkah sacks here 

       2. Hanukkah Menorah Pyjamas

 Keep your little one/loved one all snug and cosy this Hanukkah with our personalised pyjamas. 

Our Hanukkah Menorah Pyjamas are the perfect gift for your little one this Hanukkah! Personalised with your little ones name on a choice of either pink and white stripe or blue and white stripe pyjamas.

Personalised Pyjamaspersonalised hanukkah pyjamas

You can find our personalised Hanukkah pyjamas here 

        3. Personalised Hanukkah Tutu Romper 

Our personalised '1st Hanukkah' baby girl tutu romper is the perfect outfit for your little one's first Hanukkah celebrations. 

The romper is soft to touch making it perfect for your newest addition and with a really fluffy and full looking tutu this outfit really is so cute!

Tutu Romper tutu romer

You can find our personalised tutu romper here

        4. Personalised Sleepsuit  

Our adorable 'My 1st Hanukkah' sleepsuit is perfect for your little one to wear over their first Hanukkah. This adorable sleepsuit features a star of David in adorable navy blue glitter on a 100% cotton long sleeve baby sleepsuit.


You can find our personalised sleepsuit here 

       5. 'Custom Your Own' Keepsake Scrapbook

 Capture every precious moment throughout the Hanukkah celebrations with our keepsake scrapbook. Add to the scrapbook every year and keep it for years to come to reminisce on your Hanukkah memories with your loved ones. They are truly are the perfect gift. 

Custom your own Scrapbook, Choose from a variety of shapes and fonts to make your scrapbook exactly how you want it!

Each scrapbook is as special as the memories that fill it when it is so lovingly personalised!

Custom Your Own Scrapbookcustom your own scrapbook 

You can find our scrapbooks here 

          7. Personalised Cooking Apron for Mum & Grandma 

Our personalised cooking aprons are the perfect gift for a Mum and Grandma that love to cook up a storm in the kitchen throughout the Hanukkah celebrations. 

Personalised Apronpersonalised apron

You can find our personalised cooking aprons here 

I hope we have given you some inspiration when choosing the perfect Hanukkah gift for a loved one. 

Last orders for Hanukkah is Wednesday 24th November 

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I hope you all have a wonderful Hanukkah celebrating with your loved ones 

Lots of Love

Little Secrets Clothing x

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