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Going Back to School…

So with most children going back to school either this week or next, there are a lot of unanswered questions and for a lot of us a little confusion surrounding the rules.
We have simplified some of the governments guidelines and just a few handy tips to make the transition easier for both you and the little ones.
Probably the biggest change in the laws is that you can now once again be prosecuted for taking your child out of school without either permission from the school or if they are poorly.
Your local council will start with issuing each parent a fine of £60 which if not paid within 21 days will rise to £120 per parent, and if the fine still goes unpaid this can lead to prosecution.
Another big change is food and drink, in a large number of schools a water bottle is now a requirement for everyone (children & teachers) so they do not need to share a cup or a water fountain. At little secrets we sell personalised water bottles in either 500ml or 750ml, with a huge choice of colour, design and font. You can view our range of personalised bottles here.
In regards to packed lunches, these must now be taken in a disposable plastic bag which can be thrown away at the end of each day.
For any other personalised back to school essentials, click here.
Almost all schools have now introduced staggered start and finish times for each year group, which for parents with multiple children in school can be a little awkward we know!
The most important thing to remember with this is not to congregate in the playground/outside school. We’ve missed talking to other mums too but its for the safety of the kids!
We know it’s both a difficult and sometimes confusing time but if we all stick together, we’ll be fine!!
Little Secrets xx

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