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Giving birth in lockdown

Being pregnant can feel like a little alien is growing inside your body.

It’s magical, daunting, exciting and terrifying, and you’ve likely prepared for their arrival for months – stockpiling socks, nappies and nursing bras. And, your overnight bag is ready by the door. You’ve planned for every scenario imaginable.

Having a baby is nerve wracking as it is, but in these uncertain times during the coronavirus pandemic, it brings unexpected worries to contend with.

The Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists has released official guidelines to outline information for pregnant women and new mums surrounding the recent outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Whether you planned on going to a public hospital to give birth, or wanted maternity care at a private hospital, you’ll still be able to go and have your infant delivered safely despite the lockdown. Many hospitals are continuing to provide maternity services for expecting mothers. 

If you’re expecting a baby that is due in the next few weeks then it’s likely that you’ll go into labour during some kind of lockdown or during the early stages of it being lifted. Life is different enough with a new baby so it’s normal to feel anxious about how you’ll deal with all these changes and the lockdown situation.

Here at Little Secrets clothing we have come up with some ideas to ease your pregnancy nerves during this coronavirus pandemic; 
Don’t be scared of seeking medical help

It’s understandable to be reluctant to be around other people when the government is advising us to avoid it but yours and the baby’s health are always the priority. If you’re at all worried before, during or after labour then contact your midwife.


When your new baby’s world consists only of your four walls and the people within them, a stroll outside can give them something different to look at too. Some mums love to run with their strollers or just walk. The more fresh air your baby gets the better the sleep time at night.

Take advantage of being at home:

I personally have always been a home bird- there is nowhere i would rather be. And if you think about it, there could be worse places to be asked to self isolate in. So take advantage of this freedom to do nothing, work from home and just rest, especially if you're a new mother, it really may be a blessing in disguise getting some well deserved rest and recuperation during these times.

Stay connected:

Use Instagram, and make an account if you do not have one ( Instagram is the best app ever, you need to use Instagram), sign up to Facebook, get a zoom account to keep in contact with people. These really are good ways of staying connected and in contact with loved ones.

Stay safe and see you soon.

Little Secrets xx


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