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Fun Activities to do this Weekend with Children

The weekend is upon us!

The sun is shining bright, temperatures are set to reach close to 20 degrees over the weekend and many attractions have started to open their doors again. It is a perfect time to do things that you love the most and have missed doing with the children. 

You might even be thinking what can I do with the kids? Look no further we have the perfect activity day ideas for you. 

Here at Little Secrets we love to take our children to the petting zoo farms because of the educational benefits to your child. One of our favourite places is:

Mrs Dawsons Farm Park located in Blackburn, Lancashire - open Saturdays and Sunday’s 10:30-5pm. 

Mrs Dawsons is a family-run diary farm that has everything to offer from making the most delicious ice cream to petting animals and a range of fun activities. 

They have lots off going on at Mrs Dawsons Farm:

  • Fun activities and talks 
  • Explore the farmland - take in the fresh country air with a walk on the nature trial and meet some of the super cute animals big and small, along the way. These include lambs, donkeys, cows, goats, chickens and lots more.
  • A cafe that sells the most Devine ice cream and scrumptious food 
  • Watch the lambs, which are due to give birth at any moment 
  • Tractor rides 

Download the activity sheet here where your child can write down or draw all the animals they have seen. 


children with horse


Book your visit here 

Another favourite is Chester Zoo 

Chester Zoo - Located in Cheshire - Open everyday Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

Chester Zoo is the most visited zoo in the UK and the number one charity zoo. It is home to 35,000 extraordinary and exotic animals and 500 different species including some of the most endangered species on the planet. Your definitely in for a fun day out here.

Some of our favourites when visiting the zoo are the Orangutang's, Sumatran Tigers, the Back Rhinos and Giraffes. A trip on the monorail skytrain super fun and you get to see all the animals for above. 

Children aged 2 and under go free at Chester Zoo!!

You are sure to have a magical day at Chester Zoo with your little ones. 

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Did you know that visiting farms and zoos bring educational benefits to your child these include:

Promotes the development of a language

As children walk around the zoo, they are exposed to words and concepts. It also encourages dialogue between parents, children and even siblings. While walking around with your child, it is important to label every animal and ask questions. This will help increase their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Allows for Exploration and Self-Discovery

What we love most about the zoo, is that it allows children to explore their environment and make new discoveries. This all leads to cognitive, language, motor and academic growth. While exploring a zoo, children go on a wild adventure full of running around, asking questions and engaging in story telling. These activities are key for healthy development! Exploring their environment also helps children become more self-aware. They learn what animals they like and don’t like. They also learn to move past their fears and trepidation about certain animals, reptiles and bugs.


Something a little different, but a fantastic day out for the whole family Manchester Airport Runway Visitor Park. 

Manchester Airport Runway Visitor Park - Open Everyday 10am-4pm 

You don't have to be jetting off anywhere to enjoy a day at the airport, watch the take off and landing of planes at Manchester Airport, such as 787s, A380s or the odd special visitor, including the NHS liveried Spitfire.

As well as Junior Flight Academy, for children they have a treasure hunt, an outside play area, and an indoor exhibit! 

They also have an RVP Café where you can take advantage of the weekend brunch offer, as well as a selection of food to grab and go throughout the week.

They have an expansive outside space is over 9,000sqm, which comes with the benefit of a viewing mound and plenty of picnic benches, ensuring there is space for all of the family. 

They have interesting aircrafts to discover such as former RAF plane NIMROD, and even some that you can enjoy a unique one-off onboard experience, including Concorde and AVRO RJX. 

It is the perfect day out and your little one is sure to have a fun and magical day watching the planes roar down the runway. 

qatar plane


We hope you enjoy the sunshine this weekend,

Stay safe, Little Secrets Clothing x 


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