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Family Festive Fun Ideas!

Our favourite Christmas activities to keep you and your family busy this season!


What better time is there to slow down and enjoy fun Christmas activities together than the festive period?  

We have selected our top 5 Christmas family activities for your family to try together! 

1. Host A Gingerbread Competition 

Such a lovely idea to get the whole family involved and who could say no to icing and sweets? 

It doesn't have to be a competition however it could add a little excitement for the competitive ones in the family. The prize could be anything, why not even let the winner open the first present on Christmas Day! 


2. Design A Christmas Wreath

 A traditional Christmas wreath is generally easy to make. 

All you need is a few simple supplies, including an embroidery hoop, greenery, and a flameless candle. Or switch it up and add your own personal items! 

3. Make DIY Ornaments

When it's time to trim the tree, this year why not start a fun family tradition that doubles as a cosy afternoon activity! 

Salt dough Christmas ornaments are super fun to make and will look just as good- if not better- than any shop bought decorations. 

4. Make Your Own Christmas Cards

DIY Christmas cards can be so simple to craft and take very little time to throw together making them loads of fun to share with friends and family.

This year especially, why not consider crafting DIY cards for people who could use a little extra cheer!

5. FREE Little Secrets Word Search!

We have created this festive word search for you and your littles ones to complete together! 

Our Christmas Word Search is a 100% free, fun for all ages, classic festive themed word search!

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