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Christmas Tree Decorations

Does anybody ever feel like every Christmas they have a competition with themselves to make their Christmas tree more glamorous and extravagant that year? Here at Little Secrets we certainly do. Each year I look worldwide for decorations for our house. They don't say its the most expensive season of the year for no reason, why not spend that money to make your tree extra special this year. Its a happy monument for families, children and everybody just loves a pretty Christmas tree. 

My tips for a perfect tree is to go all out. I love being a bit extra when it comes to things, so I just have to be overly extravagant at Christmas, I mean we can't exactly all be Kylie Jenner extra at Christmas as we can't all have Jeff Leatham to decorate our homes but we can get as close as possible. The little secrets family have come up with some of our favourite places to get Christmas Baubles- online and offline, Christmas decor for your home and any Christmas themed products you can think about for your tree!

I have always been a fan of the amazing yet affordable range of Christmas Baubles Next have to offer, they have a range to fit any colour theme from red and white, silver and white, purple, pink, sparkly and they have the most gorgeous range of ornaments to put onto your tree.

Little secrets gifts offer the sweetest range of clear baubles filled with sparkly things that can be personalised with your name or names of your loved ones to be given as a gift. They offer any personalisation you wish. The baubles really are to die for.

Whitestores offer a massive range from decorations to lights to trees, artificial and real to outside christmas figures and projector lights. They offer so much, some pricey products and some affordable so there is enough on their to suit everybody. Wayfair are another brand with huge ranges to offer similar to whitestores but mainly offer decoration for inside the home such as Christmas wreaths, Baubles and tree ornaments, snowglobes, Christmas bed linens, Christmas cushions, Christmas table centrepieces and Christmas decoration storage. I always find great storage products on sites such as Wayfair and Myfurniture.

Amazon offer a huge range of things at cheapest prices you can find so don't miss out on their offers.

Little Secrets hope you can find some great decorative products for your home and tree from this blogs. Please don't forget to follow our Instagram here.

Little Secrets x

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