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Getting you ready for back to school

Here at Little Secrets Clothing we have an array of products ready to help get your little one ready for back to school,  can shop our back to school accessories. We want to make going back to school as special and straight forward as possible. So take a look at our personalised items you can buy here that will get your little one excited about heading back to school.take a look here. We have also made a list of some of the highest quality stores to get your childs back to school clothing asset as a list of some of the cheapest stores that sell school clothes.

Monsoon; Although an expensive choice, Monsoon have high quality clothing that is said to last a long time. They also have very good policies when it comes to recycling, as quoted off the website, "Your clothes will be donated to charity to be sold or recycled, with all profits going towards Newlife, a charity dedicated to changing the lives of disabled and terminally ill children across the UK. Their work includes:
Supporting thousands of families in urgent need of essential community equipment, such as beds, buggies, wheelchairs and seating systems.
This helps improve child health, reduce risk of significant pain and injury, and enables childhood experiences.

Each year in the UK, £140 million worth of unwanted yet wearable clothing goes to landfill. That’s a total of around 350,000 tonnes. By choosing to recycle your clothes, you’ll be reducing your environmental footprint, as well as extending the lifespan of the clothes that you no longer wear."

Here at Little Secrets Clothing this is one of our first choices to buy from thanks to their policies.

Back to School outfits that won't break the bank

George at Asda; Like Tesco, Asda also offer a 100-day guarantee. The affordable range includes a 2 pack of shirts from £3, a 2 pack of trousers for £6 and skirts starting at £3. Their back to school range is available in stores, but extra bargains are available exclusively online, such as winter coats starting at £14 and P.E bags from £4. Plus, click and collect is free. The extensive collection includes uniform for sixth-form students, including non-branded blazers for as cheap as £10. They’re also enticing parents with a huge deal on stationery. Shop here.

Aldi ; While the cost of school uniforms is generally going up, Aldi have knocked 50p off the price of their school bundle this year. For the humble price of £4.50 you can buy two polo shirts, a sweatshirt and a pleated skirt or trousers. Available to buy online or in stores now, the package covers all primary school ages from age three to 11. Their back to school supplies range include PE Kits and trainers for under £10, as well as lunchboxes, stationary and backpacks.

Marks & Spencers

M&S is a little pricier than most on this list, but some of their cheapest items include Non-iron shirts, from £4 Durable trousers, from £5.50 Pleated skirts, £5 Unisex cotton jumper £6 Unisex cotton t-shirt, £2.50 PE shorts £4.

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