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Birthday party ready

Birthdays are a cause for celebration, in particular a first birthday is always a special milestone in both the parents and child’s life. As parents your life changes in every way when you welcome your precious little one into the world. One year of your lives have been filled with so much joy and beautiful memories, so a birthday party is as much about you as parents as it is your baby. Its up to you parents to mark the special occasion and make the celebrations as unique as possible. Here’s some ideas of how to create the perfect birthday party for you all to enjoy.

  • Choose your theme - Be creative and think about something that’s going to last and look fabulous in photo’s. Think about what your child likes and what suits their personality. Once you’ve chosen your theme you can plan your decorations, party favours and cake smash photo’s around it. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas and some popular themes currently are Disney characters, classic children’s literature (The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Peter Rabbit etc) and woodland animals.
  • Plan the party around your baby’s nap time - This is absolutely vital to ensure that everyone has a great time. If you’re inviting other babies and toddlers its impossible to plan exactly around everyone’s schedule however generally speaking earlier in the day is better for young children. Its also important to consider how long the party is going to last. So much sensory stimulation and excitement will tire the birthday girl or boy out very quickly so it’s advisable to have a party which only lasts an hour or two.
  • Plan a beautifully themed birthday cake - The options for a birthday cake are endless, if you are creative and a dab hand in the kitchen then you could make your own, but if not there are plenty of amazing cake makers out there who can bring your ideas to life. Why not recreate the birthday cake from your cake smash session for a seamless theme across the board.
  • Create gorgeous invitations - Cake smash photo’s are a beautiful way of inviting your guests to come and celebrate with you and give your guests a stunning keepsake and memory of your child’s first birthday.

A cake smash is a unique way of creating bespoke fun and adorable images to celebrate your Baby’s birthday. You could use these pictures as invites, decorations or even display a photo reel on a video projector during your little one’s Birthday party. I shoot Cake Smash and splash sessions for either 1st or 2nd Birthdays. I can tailor the cake smash to fit with any theme and absolutely adore being able to create gorgeous special images which commemorate your little ones big milestone. You provide the cake and I’ll provide the rest. Let your baby go wild smashing up and of course eating the cake while I snap adorable images and create memories to treasure. Once they’ve had their fun with the cake its time for a clean up in the tub which I document as part of the session. The possibilities with a cake smash are endless, prior to the session I will work with you to ensure that all elements are themed to your tastes and requirements.

Here at Little Secrets we have some unique, custom- made outfits for your little ones birthday, below is a small range of some pretty outfits that are extra unique, making your little ones birthday even more unique and special.

Little Secrets xx


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