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To my little one on their first birthday

Our babies first birthday may be the most important birthday, maybe not so much for the baby because they most likely won't remember, but for us parents, it really is a special birthday- it means we survived a year!!! 

Here at Little Secrets Clothing we offer the most beautiful range of birthday outfits. They are handmade, unique and so special. We offer a personalisation option to make the outfit that little bit more special for you. So we have decided to write a little blog dedicated to our one year old, but with gift ideas for our readers.

Outfits shown above are from Little Secrets Clothing.

To our little love. Happy 1st birthday, we can't quite believe how quickly time has gone since you turned our lives upside down and all around, but for the better one whole year ago. We can not imagine life without you and we hope we can give you the world. Life is the best with you in it. Lots of love x

For all the parents out there wondering what to buy their 1 year old, we have a fabulous list of items that would be perfect for your baby. 

We always have a look at Little Secrets Gifts for gift ideas they have such a wide range from wall art to personalised children's furniture that is so beautiful and would fit the interior design of all homes, to money boxes, memory boxes, personalised children's bags and accessories. 

Our main gift idea would be a personalised elephant rocker toy by Myfirstyears. I think it is so special and just like at Little secrets, it makes it so much more sentimental with the personalisation. Another 'main present' would be a wall print from Little secrets gifts, as It is sentimental and can be kept for a very long time. 

More items that we think are perfect for a first birthday present can be found on My 1st Years, gifts that can all be personalised, such as; suede booties, fleece baby grows, dolls and toys, plates, activity walkers, robes, storage, toy chairs, money boxes, towels and hundreds more gift ideas for your little ones and loved ones babies that you can give as a gift. 

Other ideas we would personally gift are; mini musical instruments, toddler play kits, walkers, clothes, magic cubes, Funtime tractor, baby shark song doll ( sorry parents), dolls houses are just some ideas you can research up on. 

We hope our blog has given you some gifting inspiration!

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Little Secrets x

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