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An Eid to Remember: Making it Special for Kids

Good Morning guys, 

Today's blog is all about making Eid extra special for the children

Last year Eid was a little different, with most of the population isolating from the world. This year people have the freedom to come together and host the most special Eid events with loved ones.  

As adults, the month of Ramadan is one that tests the mind, body and soul. But it is also one that comes with great reward. Muslims from around the world abstain from food and water between sunrise and sunset, pray and unite with faith for a full month. After this, families and communities get together for a three day celebration (Eid al-Fitr). Although, children might not be able to take part in fasting, creating a strong muslim identity and teaching your child about the traditions will help give them a sense of belonging and in turn boost their confidence when it comes to learning about Ramadan and Eid. 

Here are some ways to inspire your children to love Eid: 

Throw an Eid party

 A party is a great way to get kids excited about Eid and allows them to involve their friends (muslims and non-muslims). This does not have to be a huge party. It could be a small intimate event with a couple of close friends and family. Decorate your house and make it fun for the children, make some scrumptious food and dress your little one in the cutest outfits. 

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 Teaching your little one how to cook

 Ramadan and Eid is the perfect time to teach your little ones about your traditions and culture because seriously, they will not learn it by themselves. Cooking foods, how we serve, the traditions, the way we treat others is something that needs to be taught. Cooking is a skill that your children will need to practice for the rest of their lives. 

Cooking or helping set the table, children learn about responsibility, charity, respect and off course the appreciation of food. 

But, you might be thinking what can children cook? Below are a list of recipes that will get your little one excited about cooking and will bring the traditions you teach your children into their later life. 

  •  Banana Crumb Muffins - (See Recipe Here
  •  Date Cake - (See Recipe Here
  •  Fruit Tart - (See Recipe Here
  •  Keema Samosa - (See Recipe Here
  •  Dal Makhani - (See Recipe Here

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Attending an Eid Prayer

Attending the Eid Prayer is a great way to introduce children to the wider Muslim community and will teach them that Eid is not just about presents and food. They will understand the importance of praying, religion, community belonging, respect and to be charitable. 

 I hope you have enjoyed today's blog and given you some inspiration on what to do with the family this Eid. Whatever you choose to do for this special event I hope you all have a fantastic Eid with your loved ones. 

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Lots of Love,

Little Secrets Clothing 


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