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7 Fun & Fascinating Facts About Your March Baby!

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In today's blog we are going to be discussing all the wonderful facts about your March baby. 

The arrival of March signals the end of winter - finally - and brighter, warmer Spring days ahead. We think March is a lovely time for a baby to be born, and it turns out there are plenty of great reasons why it’s brilliant to be a March baby. In our blog we will discuss all the wonder facts about your March baby. 

What is in the stars

Babies that are born in March will be represented by two zodiac signs (Pisces or Aries). If your little one swims their way into the world between 1st to the 20th of March, they will be one of the fish (Pisces). Pisces children are considered to be the most intuitive sign. They are also sometimes referred to as 'old souls, and you may feel like you have known them forever. Research has shown that Pisces children love being in the water and feel right at home. It makes perfect sense as their astrological sign is a fish. If you love a good cuddle, you will not be short of them. Early-born March babies are said to be very sensitive, so get ready for lots of cuddles. 

If your little one arrives later in the month (21st March on), they will be an Aries. This zodiac sign is often full of positive energy (known to be the life and soul of any party). Aries is a fire sign, independent and capable. They are said to be natural-born leaders, energetic and motivated. In the case, you might need to read up on your baby proofing early if you have a March late arrival. 

Pisces Strengths - passionate, creative, selfless, extremely empathetic 

Pisces Weaknesses - influenced by surroundings, careless, rash, ill-disciplined 

Aries Strengths - driven by passion, independant thinkers, determined, honest

Aries Weaknesses very impatient, very moody, reacts to quickly, emotional

Whether you gave birth to an early Pisces or a late Aries your little one will definitely have some pretty awesome traits.

Your Babies Birth Flower 

 Nothing screams 'Spring' like cheerful and beautiful daffodil buds emerging from the hard, frost-bitten ground. Likewise, your March baby's birth flower, the daffodil, represents joy, happiness, sunshine and friendship. 


March Babies Birthstone 

Your march baby has the option of two beautiful birthstones.  The first birthstone is the frosty 'aquamarine', which according to superstition, helped keep mariners safe at safe. This stone represents safety, protection, love and hope. It is also said that wearing the aquamarine birth stone brings calmness and protection to the wearer.  But if the blue-green sparkler does not suit your March baby, the have an alternative to choose from: the gorgeous emerald green and red-flecked bloodstone. This stone is known for healing and cleansing. This stone is also said to bring safety and protection. 

Bloodstone BirthstoneAquamarine Birthstone

Your March Born Baby could be the next CEO

Are you raising a boss baby? One study suggests that. Research published in the Journal of Economic Letters found that babies born in March or April were more likely to climb the corporate ladder and become a CEO than their peers in other months. The link is said to be related to school enrolment cut-offs, which see March babies on the older end of their class spectrum. 

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Your March Baby may soar to great Heights

If you child does not climb the corporate ladder, they may still be climbing to great heights in their career... as an airline pilot! A small UK study found that March was a popular birth month amongst pilots. 

Airline Pilot

Celebrities Born in March 

 Your new bundle of joy will share their birthday will some mega stars and notable figures. Some famous people that are born in March include:  

  • Justin Bieber
  • John Bon Jovi
  • Eva Mandes
  • Chuck Norris 
  • Bruce Willis
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Elton John
  • Lady Gaga 

Night Owls

It's possible that the longer days can have an impact on your March baby's sleeping habits, meaning they are more likely to want to stay up later than their autumn and winter cousins. Get ready for them late nights! 

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