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7 Halloween Costume Ideas For Children

Good Morning guys!!

I hope you have all had a great week 

I just cannot believe it is Halloween next week!! How quick is this year going? 

As Halloween draws closer, so to does the obligatory outfit panic. "What can my little one wear?" is often a question fraught with anxiety; the expectations for outfits to be frightening, glamorous, spooky and fun, makes it difficult to come up with new ideas each year; let alone execute them without braking the bank. However, there is no need to stress because the team at Little Secrets Clothing have put together a list of adorable outfits just perfect for the spooky season. We have everything from superheroes, movies and traditional spooky but cute Halloween character outfits. We have found outfits that will sure inspire your imagination this Halloween that will not break the bank. 

1. Personalised Pumpkin Outfit 

 Nothing says Halloween season more than pumpkins! Go as this autumnal fruit as a costume theme whether you like to be sweet or scary! Our personalised pumpkin outfits/accessories are just adorable, your little one will sure look cute as a button in a round and bright orange pumpkin outfit. Whether you are planning a party or taking your little one pumpkin picking they will sure stand out in our pumpkin outfits. 

You can find our pumpkin outfits here

cutest pumpkin in the patchhalloween suit

2. Personalised Witch Outfits 

 For little girls dressing up this Halloween, a wicked witch (or a good witch) is always top choice for Halloween costumes. She doesn't have to be any old witch because here at Little Secrets Clothing we have a range of styles, colours and designs that embrace the glamorous/exciting sides of being a witch such as, casting spells and boiling cauldrons. 

Shop Personalised Witch Outfits Here

Witch Dressspell outfit 


3. Personalised Harry Potter Outfits 

Wave your wand and shout "Wingardium Leviosa!!" Harry Potter and his other wizardly friends are some of the most recognisable book and movie characters for kids around the globe and continues to be a success year on year. Plus, its an easy Halloween costume. The only thing your child needs is one of our adorable personalised outfits, a wand and that is the outfit complete. They'll be casting spells in no time!

You find Harry Potter outfits here


Personalised Funny Bones Outfits 

Get your little ones to shake those funny bones and hide in a corner, ready to scare family and friends. Kids skeleton costumes are a common favourite every year. We have a range of personalised skeleton outfits for every budget, some spookier and funnier than others. 

Shop Skeleton Outfits Here 


Personalised Hocus Pocus Outfits 

 "I put a spell on you and now your mine", "oh look, another glorious morning. Makes me sick", "it's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus". Do these quotes sound familar? If you are a massive Hocus Pocus fan we have some adorable outfits perfect for your little Hocus Pocus witch. Don't just be any old witch this Halloween, be a Hocus Pocus witch. 

Shop Hocus Pocus Outfits Here 

hocus pocus outfit Hocus Pocus Outfit

Personalised Spider Outfits 

There is nothing more spookier at Halloween than a spider costume. Here at Little Secrets Clothing we have designed the most adorable (with a little bit of spookiness) spider outfits for your little creepy crawlers. 

You can find our Spider Outfits Here

spider dressspider outfit

Personalised Ghost/Ghouls Outfits 

Have you ever been trick or treating with your children and seen handmade ghost costumes, simply by cutting two eyes in a white sheet. It is one of the original Halloween costumes that have just improved over the years significantly. Here at Little Secrets we have adapted the traditional two eyes in a sheet and designed some friendly looking ghosts and put them on some unique outfits. 

You Can Find Our Personalised Ghost Outfits Here 


I hope you liked our Halloween outfits and that we have inspired you 

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Have a great weekend guys

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