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7 Fun & Fascinating Facts About Your November Baby

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Can you believe it is November already? Have any of you put your Christmas tree up yet?

There are so many wonderful things about the month of November. Its changing seasons, the crisp chill in the air and the feeling of starting to feel all Christmassy. November also brings an essence of gratefulness and appreciation for family and friends. Welcoming a baby during this cosy season can be very exciting but super stressful. Juggling things such as school runs and planning for Christmas can be a little overwhelming as you plan to welcome your bundle of joy. But I can promise that all the pressure will melt away when your new little bundle of joy arrives. Your little one will sure have you wrapped around their little finger very soon! 

If you are expecting a baby due in November you might well be thinking what kind of personality or traits they may have or what career path they might follow up on? We have gathered up some fun and interesting facts to get your imagination flowing. 

1. Your Babies Star Sign - Oct 23 - Nov 21 (Scorpio) - Nov 22nd - Dec 22nd (Sagittarius) 

The two zodiac signs associated with the month of November are Scorpio and Sagittarius. Babies that are born October 23rd - November 22nd are members of the Scorpio sign. 

You do not have to worry bout your little one as Scorpios are said to be very strong, enigmatic, independent characters who are full of intensity and charisma that makes them un-ignorable. For all that power though, they often remain unknowable to others, because they guard themselves and their private lives fiercely. This might impact your little one as they make friends in school and in later life as they tend to be so guarded, but do not worry. Scorpios are said to be self assured and independent enough to really enjoy being in their own company and do not crave anyones approval.  Scorpios are said to like extremes, challenges, danger and darkness. So do not be surprised if your little one is encouraging you to go on that super high roller coaster or a walk through a dark scary forest. If it is risky or thrilling a Scorpio will definitely be involved. 

Strengths: Loyal, Dedicated, Courageous, Companion, Flexible 

Weaknesses: Doesn't trust others, Jealous, Aggressive 

Babies that are born Nov 22nd - Dec 22nd are members of Sagittarius sign. 

A Sagittarius values independence and their ability to do what they want, when they want above all else. They love adventures, are risk takers and have a business/sportsmanship mentality. It will be no surprise if your little one wants to travel the world in their later life as they love travelling to different places. They have a huge zest for life, very positive (usually very lucky because of their positivity), they are dream chasers and goal getters and nothing will stop them getting what they want. Unfortunately, you might be running after your little one for a long time as sitting in one place gets on their nerves. They are happy individuals that have a real care for peoples experiences and well-being. 

Strengths: Incredible humour, Optimism, Ambitious, Lucky 

Weaknesses: Arrogance, Honesty, Close Mindedness, Irresponsible, Tactless 

2. Your Babies Birth Flower 

Geranium is the official birth flower for Scorpio. The Geranium is actually a group of more than 400 flowers. These unique flowers are known for their beautiful and bold colours. The Geranium Flower is a symbol of happiness and positive emotion. It represents friendship, good health, longevity and best wishes. They make for a beautiful birthday or house warming gift. 


3. Your Babies Birth Stone 

The Scorpio birthstone is Topaz. Topaz comes in many unique shades but the Yellow Topaz is best for those who share the Scorpio star sign. Topaz means empathy and serenity. Its meaning is to absorb negative energy and enhance your happiness and joy. 


4. Famous People Born in November 

Your new bundle of joy will share their birthday will some mega stars and notable figures. Some famous people that are born in November include: 

  • David Schwimmer
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Kris Jenner
  • Emma Stone
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Ryan Gosling 
  • Miley Cyrus 
  • Joe Biden 

 If you have hopes that your little one will be a big movie star then the odds are in their favour with many mega movie stars born in November. As Scorpios are said to be thrill seekers and adrenalin junkies they will not be scared to do their own stunt moves so would fit in greatly. 

joe bidenmiley

5. November Baby Career Prospects  

Scorpios are said to be natural detectives and they are not ones to easily take things at face value. As they have a deep desire to 'find answers'. The fields like criminology, police investigation, medical, journalism and psychology might appeal to your investigative little one. Often, people trust Scorpio born-born with their most inner secrets and most valuable possessions, and therefore, there is a scope for them to make a brilliant career in the field where they have to manage other peoples businesses. 

6. They're likely to be Athletic 

Research has found that those born in October-November were more fitter and stronger than their peers born in other months. People born in October-November tend to play a lot of sports and are said to be very athletic. The reason for this is that scientist seem to think that their mums had more exposure to sunshine and Vitamin D in the last months of pregnancy which translates into strong bones and muscles. 

7. Your November Baby Might Be Part of A Mini Valentines Day Baby Boom 

 British researchers noticed a peculiar trend in birth rates, they seemed to spike for one particular week in the year. Yup, you guessed it, the week of Valentine’s Day appears to have bitten new parents with the love bug, and lo and behold, in November there is a 5% increase in births. 

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I hope you all have a great weekend 

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