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7 Fun & Fascinating Facts About Your January Baby

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There are so many wonderful things about the month of January. The start of a new year, new beginnings and of course for many, the beginning of life as a parent how exciting? 

If you are expecting a baby due in January or have had your baby you might well be thinking what kind of personality or traits they may have or what career path they might follow up on? We have gathered up some fun and interesting facts to get your imagination flowing. 

What is in the Stars? 

 Whether you give birth to an early Capricorn baby or a late January Aquarius baby, they are going to have some pretty awesome traits.  According to horoscopes. Capricorns (22nd December - 19th January) are said to be the ultimate worker bees; they're ambitious, determined, organised and do not mind the hustle. They are dream chasers and goal getters. They are known to sacrifice a lot in order to get where they want to be and love to make their own rules, which means they strive for higher career positions. They often have strong values - especially when relating to family and friends. They like to keep them close to their heart. Meanwhile, Aquarius are really good helpers who are known for seeing without prejudice and being great problem solvers. The air sign thrives on keeping the mind busy, they are easily bored. They constantly need to have their teeth into something. Cards and puzzles are great for your little intellectual! 

Capricorn Strengths: determined, ambitious, loyal, sensitive, organised 

Capricorn Weaknesses: materialistic, critical, overly serious, unforgiving

Aquarius Strengths: tremendous desire to learn, peaceful, sociable, friendly

Aquarius Weaknesses: Rebels without cause, scatterbrained, irresponsible 

Your Babies Birth Flower 

With winter setting in. Your January baby has two birth flowers. These are the carnation and the snowdrop. In early times carnations were predominately pale pink and peach, but in recent years the availability of colours have grown to red, yellow, white, orange, purple and green. The difference of colours have different meanings. For example, a pink carnation means 'a mothers love'. Light red and dark red stand for admiration and deep love. Ultimately this flower symbolises love. Meanwhile, the delicate snowdrop flower, often serves as the first sign of spring. this beautiful flower is often found in back gardens. However, the snowdrop flower has much more to offer than meets the eye. This flower symbolises purity, innocence and sympathy.   

Snowdropcornation flowers

Your Babies Birth Stone 

 The January birthstone is 'Garnet', which is beautiful rich red, vivid and intense birth stone. This stone is known to bring good health, peace and prosperity in your life and in your home. It is a stone also known for love and friendship. 


Famous People Born In January 

 Your new bundle of joy will share their birthday will some mega stars and notable figures. Some famous people that are born in January include: 

  • Stephen Hawking
  • Bradley Cooper 
  • Elvis Presley
  • Martin Luther King 
  • David Bowie 
  • Lewis Hamilton 
  • Jeff Bezos 
  • Greta Thurnberg
  • Dolly Parton

 If you have hopes that your little one will be a big movie star or a scientist then the odds are in your favour as lots of mega movie stars and world leaders/scientist are born in January. 

elvisdolly parton

January Baby Career Prospects 

 A birthday in January means your child will most likely be the oldest in the class, which could give them an upper advantage on the playing field. Studies have shown that the oldest kids are more likely to go on to play sports professionally thanks to this helping starting point. January-born adults love to hurt exhaust their brain. They are most likely to be GP's, doctors, engineers or scientist. Even if they don't make it down the red carpet or down a playing field they will still make it big in whatever they do. 

 Health Concerns 

Research found from Columbia University has shown that children born in winter seasons are more prone to allergic reactions. Experts have revealed this is due to a lack of Vitamin D that is essential for healthy development of the immune system, and due your little one not getting enough sun exposure. So you want to be extra careful when introducing your baby to do new foods. 

On a lighter note, winter babies are said to be less likely to develop seasonal depression than those born in warmer months. 

Sleeping Pattern

If you love your sleep then we have some good news for you. According to research, January born babies fall asleep quicker and for longer than those born in the spring/summer months. 

Birthday Outfits & Gifts 

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