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7 Fun Facts About Your June Baby

First of all, I just want to say a massive congratulations on the arrival or soon to be arrival of your little one. Your new bundle of joy is born/going to be born in June, one of the most sunniest months of them all. It is no shock that babies born in June are bright little lights themselves. 

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If you have had or expecting a baby due in June, you might well be thinking what kind of personality or traits they may have, or what career path they might follow up on? We have gathered up some fun and interesting facts to get your imagination flowing. 

Your Babies Star Sign: 

If you are born in June your star sign will either be Gemini (May 21-June 21) or Cancer (June 21-July 22nd). Those who are born earlier in June will be Gemini. Gemini traits are more varied than those of other astrological signs. Whilst most signs only have one prominent trait, Gemini's have a bundle of traits. They are found to be very talkative, social and whimsical, but they can also be super indecisive and nosy. Your little one will be passionate in everything they set out to do, they will be very talkative and always down for an adventure or some form of intellectual conversation. Little one's who make their debut later on in June will be Cancers (aka the crab). Cancers are believed to be nurturing, empathetic, intuitive, but sometimes a little bit... (you guessed it) crabby. Cancer children can easily be overwhelmed with loud noises and busy places. Your little one might prefer a quiet walk, or a day baking cakes as opposed to a day at park or fun fair. 

June Birth Flower

June is represented by two of the most beautiful flowers. You can boast about your little one having one of the most beautiful, romantic and magical flower, that is 'the rose'. It does not get anymore timeless than the signature red rose does it? The rose symbols love and sympathy. The second flower representing June is Honeysuckle which stands for happiness and devoted affection. 

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June Birthstone

Not a problem if your June baby is an indecisive Gemini, they have got a lot of options... at least when it comes to their birthstone. June is one of just three months that boast a massive three birthstones. These include; the iridescent moonstone, demure pearl and the colour changing alexandrite. 

Alexandrite and moonshine symbolises luck, good fortune and love. They are believed to strengthen intuition, aid creativity and inspire imagination. Pearls are said to bring love, luck, wisdom and peace. The pearl birthstone stands for innocence and sincerity. 

June Birthstones Image

Famous June Babies

Your new little one may also share a birthday with some mega superstars. Some famous celebrities that are born in June include: Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Kanye West, Morgan Freeman, Rafael Nadal, Russel Brand, Liam Neeson, Johnny Depp, Anne Frank, Frank Lampard, Meryl Streep, Lionel Messi, Ariana Grande, Henry VIII of England, Cheryl Cole, Mike Tyson and many, many more. Will your little one follow in the footsteps of Lionel Messi or Cheryl Cole and be the next big sporting star or pop star? As June babies are said to be creative, love to be centre of attention and innovative. 

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June Career prospects

Congratulations, June babies! Your birth month may just be the most successful of them all. June was a popular birthday month for CEO's and Nobel Prize Winner's (so your little one has got to study hard at school). 

Gemini's will often have a niche, a place of work in which they truly flourish at. Gemini's would do great in a hospitality, sales, lawyer, interior designer style role as they love to talk, take care of others and provide the ultimate guest experience. 

Cancers cannot pretend for too long in a job they don't love - it won't last! Cancer's do not do well with authority figures and they won't love being the authority figure (but it is in them). Cancer's need to work with the right people. They are highly creative and empathetic people, they know how to solve a project management problem and bake a pie at the same time.

What ever your little one chooses in life to do they will shine and flourish.

June babies are night owls

Do you want the bad news first? A June baby is likely to keep you up all night. A study found that babies born in Spring and Summer went to bed later than babies born in Autumn or Winter. You might need a lot of coffee, be prepared for some late nights with your little one. However, people born in June tend to be very happy and have a positive outlook on life, so the good news is that you will have a happy baby. 

Your June baby is likely to be tall

Some people speculate that, thanks to all the glorious sunshine, babies born in the sunshine get more vitamin D, which makes them more likely to be tall.  

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Gift's and Outfits for your June Baby

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Again massive congratulations,

Wishing you all a lifetime of love, health and happiness together.

Have a lovely weekend.

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