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Affordable Ways To Say 'I Love You' This Valentine's Day


1. Acts of Service 

Is your partner's number 1 Love Language acts of service? 

Why not show your significant other, parent or friend you love them by cooking them a lovely meal or just complete one of their daily chores for them! 

2. A memory box

'Our story so far...' personalised small keepsake ribbon box.

A special box to fill with your memories and keepsakes of your relationship! Gift it to your significant other for Valentines Day, an Anniversary or their birthday. 

3. A hand-written letter

For some words mean more than gifts, so why not write down how you feel about your sweetheart this Valentine's Day!

There is nothing like saying I love you in your own words. 

4. Frame a photo of you and your Valentine 

Show you're favourite person how much they mean to you by purchasing this gorgeous heart photo frame!

Choose your colour of heart and background. Box comes with silver string and silver heart pegs to hang your photo from!

5. Go for a walk or bike ride together

This seems like such a simple idea but taking some time out of your surroundings and exploring with the one you love is so special! 

6. Create your own scrapbook 

A gorgeous gift idea for a special couple! Remember every moment by filling each page with photos and memories.

Each scrapbook is as special as the memories that fill it when it is so lovingly personalised!

7. DIY gift basket

I love this idea because you can make it personal and add your valentine's favourite treats!

You could even set yourself a budget to keep it super affordable. 


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